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International partners of the project:
Romany in Sweden – from south to north (Sweden)

Partners concern 5 Swedish municipalities (regional autonomous units) and Roma non-profit organizations. Their mutual goal is to create an efficient method of establishment of a client’s social background, models of secondary education, employment and mainstreaming strategy fostering the positive perception of Roma by the majority.

Romanies out to work (Finland)

The town of Jyväskylä, together with the non-profit sector, creates a motivation educational model – TUROM. Its objektive lies in strengthening the ability of target groups to independently act in the open labour market.


Dafné – Union of prevention and aid centres (Slovakia)

The objective of this partnership is to create a model to minimize dysfunctional behaviour of individuals

in risk situations (e.g. threatened with “people trade”) through public presentations of the Forum

theatre. The actors are representatives of the target groups themselves.

Empower Scotland (Great Britain - Scotland)

Institution of local administration together with non-profit non-governmental organizations and businesses create a conceptual solution to minimize discrimination in access to employment. The aim is to create a label Diverse City that should, after the fashion of the European Town of Culture, become a logical part of the European economic and social area. The programme is also focused on prevention of social exclusion of ethnic minorities.

Floraisons (France - Reunion)

Representatives of an autonomous unit in co-operation with non-profit non-governmental organizations create mainstreaming strategies and models of motivation to equality in access (in terms of gender issues) and minimisation of discrimination through comics created directly by pupils of different ethnic and social origin. These materials are later distributed among pupils of local primary schools. Other activities include counselling in employment and business.

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