Program For Adults

he main purpose of the program is to improve and stabilize the social situation of individuals and their families. The service can be used by any person older than 15 years, especially of Romany origin, who find themselves in unfavorable social situation and is looking for information and support to reduce its impact or solve the situation with their active participation. We also offer our services to other individuals regardless the ethnic aspect if there are sufficient capacities.

We are focused especially on support of employment, sustainability of dignified housing, prevention and reduction of debts and protection from discrimination.

We meet our clients in our centers, in their homes and in the streets. We also accompany our clients at contact with authorities.

Services are organized in two centers

Community and field work center

Streetwork form is active in appeal, mobilization and address of the clients. The form has the advantage in increase the availability for more clients and in greater reach of social work. Social streetworkers that visit the clients and accompanies them to the bureaus work not only in Brno but also in Břeclav and Vyškov. They regularly commute also to Zastávka, Tišnov, Bučovice, Mikulov, Lanžhot and many other smaller towns and villages in the neighbourhood.

Consultancy and employment center

Consultancy form is available (during opening hours) for all registered and stable clients. Clients can visit consulting offices in Brno, Břeclav and Vyškov. These offices guarantee stable opening hours, improve self-reliance and independency.

Each form focuses on different situations and needs. Field form addresses, mobilizes, accompanies and motivates new clients. It improves the availability of social services. Consultancy form is during opening hours available for all clients including the stabilized and kept clients.


  • Employment consultancy and services
  • Cooperation with employers
  • Support of employment and career competencies of clients
  • Help with housing problems
  • Help with debt problems
  • Legal advice and assistance
  • Support for disturbed relationships in families and communities
  • Protection from discrimination and help for discrimination victims