Program For Society


Roma servis isn’t only regional organization. Besides our direct work with clients, we have many indirect activities on state and international level.


For Example:

Valuation for
employers / institutions

Ethnic Friendly employer label is awarded by IQ Roma Servis since 2007 to socially responsible employers that publicly profess and fulfill in the long term the principle of equal treatment of ethnically diverse society. If you are such socially responsible employer or you want to appreciate positive experience with your employer visit
or contact us on email

Education of the public,
Education of the Roma

We organize local and national campaigns focused on topics of high quality of inclusive Romany educations, positive image of working and socially engaged Romany and also campaigns targeting Romany people (Dža andre lačhi škola etc.) We are working on education in subjects like discrimination, poverty and social disadvantage. Most successful project of last few years is

Educational activities
for public 
Cultural events,
lectures, workshops

We organize periodical or one-time activities for both professionals and public. These are community activities for Romany people, lectures, workshops and seminars for professionals. For public we offer cultural-education activities. Examples of successful activities are International Romany Day in Brno, “Step over the threshold” seminar for educationalists and traditionally feast at the beginning and at the end of school year.

At the local, regional, 
national and European level

As members of boards and professional workgroups we can build constructive systematic cooperation with public administration, local governments and other organizations on local and national level. We also develop innovations, methodic and systemic conceptions in particular projects we are either organizers or partners.