About IQ Roma Servis, z.s.

About IQ Roma servis, o. s.


Roma servis is independent, steady, transparent and professional organization, IQRS was established as civil association in 1997.

Civil vision of IQ Roma servis is society of cheerful and friendly relations between Roma and other people. World where even Roma have their dignified roles and respect like individuals and as a nation.

The main mission of IQ Roma servis is to be mediator who supports possibilities, opportunities and determination of Roma on their way for their growth and social use. It protects their rights and dignity in the society.

The values of IQ Roma servis are determination, optimism, persistence, quality, results, aiming, creativity, engagement, authorizing, development, professionalism, cooperation, integrity, heartiness, respect.

Etic codex is being taken not only in direct work.

Branches IQ Roma servis, o.s.


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Who we are?

e belong to the most prestige NGOs in the Czech Republic and to prominent experts on social integrating (this is proven by our international and worldwide awards, appreciations and accreditations). Besides the focus on expertise, professionalism and quality of our services we are concerned for functional innovative processes, effective operation and economy of our activities. We regularly evaluate the impacts and results of our work, which we strategically plan and organize.

Whom do we help?

arget group of our direct work are primary social excluded Romanies and Romanies in an unfavorable life situation (if they want to solve it and change it and their requests are in our authorization). We offer our services also to the other persons with the same problems (no matter their ethnical origin) in the case of need and unrestricted capacity. Our direct work services are firstly realized in the region of South Moravia. Our conceptual work, education activities and some campaigns have influence within the Czech Republic.


e help almost 2000 needed persons in Brno, Břeclav, Vyškov and in other localities in the region of South Moravia per year.

Our services are free for needed.
Their sustainability is up to you!