Together And Across (2009 - 2012)

The transnational cooperation project “Together and Across”  is focused on the support of experience and good practice exchange among the project partners in order to promote social inclusion of the socially excluded people, especially the Roma.

The project has been implemented within the ESF Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment since 1st June 2009. The transnational partnership involves organisations from five EU Member States.

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The members of the transnational partnership:

Asociatia ”Organizatia Caritas Satu Mare” - Romania


European Anti Poverty Network – Czech Republic

Indi Roma 97 Social Foundation - Bulgaria

IQ Roma service - Czech Republic

Fundación Secretariado Gitano - Spain

The City of Brno - Czech Republic

The County Administrative Board of Stockholm - Sweden

The South Moravian Regional Authority - Czech Republic


 For further information please contact the project coordinator:

The main activities of transnational partnership are aimed:


-          to promote implementation of Lisbon process and principles of Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005–2015 and influence the negotiation on the European level – especially through active participation and exchange of information within the European Network on Social Inclusion and Roma (EURoma) and other platforms – EAPN, ENAR etc.,


-          to elaborate a common methodological approach in order to challenge discrimination against minorities who are not yet professionally and socially integrated, especially in the field of employment and education,


-          to work together in order to exchange points of view upon the same problem of poor image of disadvantaged and marginalised people,


-          to gain a wider knowledge of the specific barriers in each partnership country and the actions that have been taken in order to break down these barriers,


-          to exchange good practices and adopt the principles of best value, knowledge and tools in the sector of marginalised individuals and disadvantaged people and to learn from each other's experiences,,


-          to enable each partner to implement efficient methodologies that have been tested during the project at local and national level and that have been successful,


-          to generate a positive synergy on diversity policy,


-          to empower individuals with the skills and capacity to influence policy on a local, national and European level,


-          to work as an alliance group towards finding strategic and collective solutions to the problems of implementing diversity,


-   to involve beneficiaries in developing and promoting the methodology to be used throughout the project through their participation in a beneficiary exchange programme and thus enhance the possibbilities of the project impact on the Roma community.


Expected project results:  


-  quarterly issued electronic bulletin on development of the social inclusion agenda on the European level,

- eight transnational meetings (bilateral/multilateral level) of projects partners in order to disseminate efficient methodologies and to develop common strategy on how the fight the social exclusion of socially disadvantaged (especially Roma communities) mainly in the educational and employment issues,


- continuous implementation of gained knowledge through the active participation and exchange of information within the existing transnational networks - EAPN, EURoma etc, 

-  Final Analytical Report on common strategies and tools to promote social inclusion on the European level with the regard to specific condition of the involved Member States, 

- validation of the concept of Ethnic Friendly Employer, which has been already successfully validated on the nation level, on the European level.



Sarka Polova:


tel:  00420 543 213 310 

Term of realization: 
2009 - 2012
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